DT #209, 28 July 2014 (Vodka and summer fruit frozen daiquiri)   Leave a comment

Vodka and fruit

Covers 33.
The record store guy sent us.
Condoms for vinyl.

Name: Vodka and summer fruit frozen daiquiri
Type: booze
Recipe: For each beverage, 3/4 fill a glass with mixed frozen fruit and two spoons of confectioners’ sugar.  Add two shots of vodka and two of water.  Blend until mostly smooth.  We used a mix of black currants, red currants, rasperries and blackberries.
Venue: house, relaxing in the sunny back garden

Review/notes: We know it’s not a daiquiri, but it seemed like it would be refreshing.  It was, and spitting the seeds out was preety good exercise — an all around health tonic.

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DT #208, 27 July 2014 (Stonehenge Ales Pig Swill)   Leave a comment

Stonehenge Ales Pig Swill Bell Amesbury


Each day it’s ever more true:
There is less daylight.

Name: Stonehenge Ales Pig Swill
Type: bitter
Venue: The Bell, Amesbury, Wiltshire

Review/notes: I’ve had Pig Swill before and forgot that the name wasn’t just ironic.

On the ride down to Amesbury, it was noticeable that the sun has already assumed the cruel recessive tilt toward winter but, against the summer crops, it is still gorgeous.  We’re losing three minutes per day right now.

This was the start of an 11 mile pub run some of which went past an MoD air base with this signage which I felt comfortable shooting:

Prohibited Place

And this other signage which Google Street View was more comfortable shooting:

no photos

It reminded me of an album I bought at a headshop in Alton, Illinois 30 years or so ago:

Offical Secrets Act


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Chick-O-Land, Salisbury, Chippy Challenge #80   Leave a comment

Chick-O-Land Salisbury coc and chips

[The Chippy Challenge: to eat more fish and chips in 2014; see original post for details.]

Fish: cod
Sides: chips
Evaluation: Absolutely starving so while this wasn’t especially good it also didn’t linger on the palate long enough to give a full evaluation. Batter a bit bland and a bit heavily laden but not at all oily.
Days since last: 2 (The Vine Inn, Cumnor)

Chick-O-Land Salisbury
Map link.

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George and Dragon, Salisbury   Leave a comment

George and Dragon Salisbury sign

Stopped into the George because it was the first pub as I doubled back into town from the nearest rubbish bin I could find. Brits will drop trash where they stand even if they are only a step or two away from a trash can but it is understandable when you come to expect them to be a quarter-mile hike on average.

George and Dragon Salisbury Velo pump
Nothing special here and the beer garden was overrun with small children, young families.  It’s right by the river and might be nicer when the sprogs are banned in the later hours.

George and Dragon Salisbury

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Wyndham Arms, Salisbury   Leave a comment

Wyndham Arms Salisbury sign

“Jogging?” the hot, young bartender asked.
“Yes, I wasn’t going to stop except I spotted the Hopback sign.”
“It happens to the best of us,” she shot back.
“Ha, you give me too much credit.”

Wyndham Arms Salisbury Crop Circle

Awesome wee local of a narrow room with the bar running the length plus a smaller satellite room overlooking the street. Six Hopback Brewery pumps left me spoilt for good choices (five of these I had never seen before). I chose Crop Circle with no consideration that it also had documentation certifying it gluten-free by the Coeliac Society.

Wyndham Arms Salisbury

Black Horse, Hurdcott, Wiltshire   Leave a comment

Black Horse Hurdcott sign

The bar was crowded just inside the door. A tall, middle-aged fellow broke from his conversation and yelled over, “how far have you walked, then?”
Amesbury,” I replied not pointing out that it was at a running pace albeit a slow one.
“Ooo, aye? How long did that take?”
Looking to the GPS on my arm, “two hours, but this is the fourth pub stop. The sweat is 60% alcohol.” By this time, the barmaid handed me my Otter and I escaped to the garden.

Black Horse Hurdcott beer

A couple came out and sat at a nearby table a few minutes later and after another five minutes their plates piled high with roast beef, potatoes, yorkshire puddings, something green, and gravy were brought out and then, soon after, even more food. Their conversation came to a halt and they ate the lot before I was 2/3 finished with my pint; I didn’t want to stare but it was truly impressive.

Black Horse Hurdcott

Winterbourne Arms, Winterbourne Dauntsey, Wiltshire   1 comment

Winterbourne Arms Winterbourne Dauntsey sign

Coming into Winterbourne Dauntsey from Porton I spotted Hash markings on the streets–check circles, blobs, etc. These continued to appear right up to the Black Horse in the next hamlet but my target was the Winterbourne Arms.

I ordered a Symonds Cider and took up garden residence where a cool breeze helped to dry the sweat and the beverage and lack of food helped the buzz along…breakfast was a handful of fig bars and a chocolate milk and the next planned food awaited me in Salisbury, miles away.

Winterbourne Arms Winterbourne Dauntsey Symonds Cider

From my vantage point I got to see some of the best passive aggressive behaviour in years. A young couple disembarked their vehicle and extracted their sprout just as another woman pulled up with hers and parked right beside them. The couple looked at one another in utter dismay but when Mum2 opened the door, Mum1 chirped,”I can’t believe you made it. I ‘m so glad.” “I wouldn’t miss it for the world, you know that.” Let the games begin, I thought as they hugged and did fake, air kisses.

Winterbourne Arms Winterbourne Dauntsey


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